Sakito Ogawa

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In this study we investigated differences in the characteristics determining the suitability of five types of ion (Fe(3+), Al(3+), Ca(2+), Ba(2+) and Sr(2+))-cross-linked alginate films as culture substrates for cells. Human dermal fibroblasts were cultured on each alginate film to examine the cell affinity of the alginates. Since cell behavior on the(More)
We investigated the suitability of ferric-ion-cross-linked alginates (Fe-alginate) with various proportions of L-guluronic acid (G) and D-mannuronic acid (M) residues as a culture substrate for human dermal fibroblasts. High-G and high-M Fe-alginate gels showed comparable efficacy in promoting initial cell adhesion and similar protein adsorption capacities,(More)
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