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Cloud services are exploding and organizations are converging their data centres in order to take advantage of the predictability, continuity, and quality of service delivered by virtualization technologies. In parallel, energy-efficient and high-security networking is of increasing importance. Network operators, service and product providers require a new(More)
A cyberwar exists between malware writers and antimalware researchers. At this war's heart rages a weapons race that originated in the 80s with the first computer virus. Obfuscation is one of the latest strategies to camouflage the telltale signs of malware, undermine antimalware software, and thwart malware analysis. Malware writers use packers,(More)
The pull of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is magnetic. There are few in the networking community who have escaped its impact. As the benefits of network visibility and network device programmability are discussed, the question could be asked as to who exactly will benefit? Will it be the network operator or will it, in fact, be the network intruder? As(More)
Mobile malware has been growing in scale and complexity as smartphone usage continues to rise. Android has surpassed other mobile platforms as the most popular whilst also witnessing a dramatic increase in malware targeting the platform. A worrying trend that is emerging is the increasing sophistication of Android malware to evade detection by traditional(More)
One of the core properties of Software Defined Networking (SDN) is the ability for third parties to develop network applications. This introduces increased potential for innovation in networking from performance-enhanced to energy-efficient designs. In SDN, the application connects with the network via the SDN controller. A specific concern relating to this(More)
This paper presents the research in converting known DPI rule-sets into a meta format based on regular expression, that can be executed by a software and hardware-based processing platforms. To demonstrate this work a Snort2Regex translator has been developed to transform Snort rules into regular expressions using not only the content of the Snort rule but(More)
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