Saki Mishima

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This study examined (1) the effects of a single bout of exercise at different pedaling rates on physiological responses, pedal force, and muscle oxygenation, and (2) the effects of 2 weeks of training with different pedaling rates on work rate at lactate threshold (WorkLT). Sixteen healthy men participated in the study. An incremental exercise test(More)
Small-cell lung cancer (SCLC) is a subgroup of lung cancer with a high frequency of liver metastasis, which is a predictor of poor prognosis. Diffuse liver metastases of SCLC with no visible nodular lesions in the liver when examined using computed tomography (CT) are relatively rare; however, a few cases with rapid progression to acute liver failure that(More)
Four cases of unresectable adenocarcinoma due to multiple metastasis were treated by EAP (etoposide, ADM, CDDP). The first was a 49-year-old male with gall bladder cancer, who was admitted to the hospital with metastatic umbilical tumor and intraabdominal dissemination. After 2 courses of treatment, the tumor was significantly decreased and the(More)
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