Saketh Rama

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The continued success of Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) in classification tasks has sparked a trend of accelerating their execution with specialized hardware. While published designs easily give an order of magnitude improvement over general-purpose hardware, few look beyond an initial implementation. This paper presents Minerva, a highly automated co-design(More)
—Deep learning has been popularized by its recent successes on challenging artificial intelligence problems. One of the reasons for its dominance is also an ongoing challenge: the need for immense amounts of computational power. Hardware architects have responded by proposing a wide array of promising ideas, but to date, the majority of the work has focused(More)
  • Ch Sridevi, Rajamahendravaram P Suresh Varma, S Rama, Krishna
  • 2016
Cloud computing involves sharing computing resources rather than having individual servers or personal devices to handle applications. Cloud computing architectures include the delivery of software, infrastructure, storage and technology enabled services over internet to the people and organizations on demand. Cloud scheduling is the process of allocating(More)
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