Sakari Taipale

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We examined the hypothesis that lean female athletes, as compared to other female athletes and controls, have a greater deficit between reported energy intake (EI) and estimated energy expenditure (EE), and a reduction in resting energy expenditure adjusted to fat free and fat masses (REEADJ). The subjects were 12 gymnasts and figure-skaters (lean(More)
The paper explores the advanced users of mobile phones in Italy, France, Germany, Spain and the UK (EU5 countries) and aims to clarify the social meaning of advanced use. The mobile phone is seen as a strategic tool of social labour, whose capabilities are exploited to a different extent in the five studied countries. The analysis is based on a(More)
This article aims to investigate how the body-to-body forms of sociability evolved from 1996 to 2009 simultaneously with the proliferation of ICTs in Europe and why this happened. The article also aims to find out how the socio-demographic profile of Europeans practising these forms developed in the same period of time. The analysis is based on two surveys(More)