Sajjad Salehi

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Real-time segmentation and tracking of biopsy needles is a very important part of image-guided surgery. Since the needle appears as a straight line in medical images, the Hough transform for straight-line detection is a natural and powerful choice for needle segmentation. However, the transform is computationally expensive and in the standard form is(More)
One of the most interesting topics in social network research is opinion formation. In this paper we have introduced a new dependent multi-dimensional opinion formation method. This method models agents with several dependent opinions so that modifying the agent's opinion about one issue can affect its opinion about another issue. Agents share their opinion(More)
With continuous scaling in CMOS technology the number of transistors grows more and more in a single chip and it makes modern processors prone to the risk of transient fault. In this work the effects of transient faults in MIPS-based Chip-Multi Processors (CMPs) are investigated in two phases. In the first phase a low level fault injection is performed and(More)
The study of social structure and the effect of it on social members is an attractive area in social networks. Structural balance theory focuses on patterns of signed links and frequency/popularity of them. In recent years several works try to define some approximations to calculate the distance of one unbalanced graph from nearest balanced one. But these(More)
This paper summarizes the main features of the PoAReT (Politecnico di Milano Autonomous Robotic Rescue Team) system that will participate in the Virtual Robot competition of the Rescue Simulation League at RoboCup 2013. The paper summarizes the structure of the 2012 system and introduces some improvements for the 2013 system.
Decision making in complex, multi agent and dynamic environments such as disaster spaces is a challenging problem in Artificial Intelligence. Uncertainty, noisy input data and stochastic behavior which are common characteristics of such environment makes real time decision making more complicated. In this paper an approach to solve the bottleneck of(More)
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