Sajjad Rashid

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Rehabilitation is receiving increasingly more attention from the medical community in the management of individuals' pre- and post-organ transplantation. A cross-sectional descriptive survey was administered to all known transplant programs across Canada to explore the availability, characteristics, and barriers of rehabilitation programs pre- and(More)
Ancient societies had no rational understanding of fever. The Greeks were the first to recognise that it may be part of nature's method of effecting cure in some diseases. How best to assist nature went through many trials and errors. Appreciation of the prognostic value of fever and how it may be controlled was slow to appear. That there was a place in the(More)
This study investigates treatment failure and recurrences of vulvo-vaginal candidosis. It reviews the factors possibly associated with both. Patients attending a department of genitourinary medicine with recurrent candidosis (N = 186) were entered in the trial. The patients were investigated for evidence of candidosis from vagina, rectal wall and buccal(More)