Sajjad Rahmany

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In this paper, we propose an efficient method to solve polynomial systems whose equations are left invariant by the action of a finite group G. The idea is to simultaneously compute a truncated SAGBI-Gr¨obner bases (a generalisation of Gr¨obner bases to ideals of subalgebras of polynomial ring) and a Gr¨obner basis in the invariant ring(More)
The link between Gröbner basis and linear algebra was described by Lazard [4,5] where he realized the Gröbner basis computation could be archived by applying Gaussian elimination over Macaulay’s matrix . In this paper, we indicate how same technique may be used to SAGBIGröbner basis computations in invariant rings. . Keywords— Gröbner basis, SAGBIGröbner(More)