Sajjad Haider

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Cloud computing is set of resources and services offered through the Internet. Cloud services are delivered from data centers located throughout the world. Cloud computing facilitates its consumers by providing virtual resources via internet. General example of cloud services is Google apps, provided by Google and Microsoft SharePoint. The rapid growth in(More)
BACKGROUND Extramedullary disease is an uncommon manifestation in multiple myeloma and can either accompany newly diagnosed disease or develop with disease progression or relapse. We evaluated the impact of this disease feature on patients' outcome in the context of novel agents. DESIGN AND METHODS We analyzed clinical and biological features of(More)
An Evolutionary Algorithm based approach to identify effective courses of action (COA) in dynamic uncertain situations is presented. The uncertain situation is modeled using Timed Influence Nets, an instance of Dynamic Bayesian Networks. The approach makes significant enhancements to the current trial and error based manual technique which is not only labor(More)
AIM To present the results of a rapid assessment of cataract surgical services in Chakwal District, Pakistan. METHODS 40 clusters of 40 persons of 50 years and older (1600 eligible persons) were selected by systematic random sampling from the entire Chakwal district. A total of 1505 persons were examined (coverage 94%). RESULTS Cataract is the major(More)
Optic nerve disease has been reported in patients with renal failure. A toxic aetiology has been postulated. The incidence of this complication of renal failure has not been determined. We observed 60 patients with renal failure on dialysis for 24 months to determine the incidence of optic neuropathy. Four patients developed typical acute ischaemic optic(More)
The paper presents a heuristic approach for the problem of finding the best or close-to-best sets of actions in uncertain situations modeled by influence nets. The approach enhances the analysis capability of influence nets by allowing the user to observe the combined impact of actions on the desired effect in contrast to the sensitivity analysis that(More)
The development of an effective mechanism to detect suspicious transactions is a critical problem for financial institutions in their endeavor to prevent anti-money laundering activities. This research addresses this problem by proposing an ontology based expert-system for suspicious transaction detection. The ontology consists of domain knowledge and a set(More)
This paper presents a comprehensive study of the flood analysis and prediction using Geographical Information system (GIS). Different scientists and researchers from all over the world had performed detailed analysis of flood risk assessment specifically for human population and to take precautionary measurements before or after the critical condition of(More)
Developing coordination among multiple agents and enabling them to exhibit teamwork is a challenging yet exciting task that can benefit many of the complex real-life problems. This research uses imitation to learn collaborative strategies for a team of agents. Imitation based learning involves learning from an expert by observing him/her demonstrating a(More)
Sajjad Haider , Naveed Riaz Ansari , Muhammad Akbar , Mohammad Raza Perwez , Khawaja MoyeezUllah Ghori 1 National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad, 2 Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science & Technology, Islamabad Abstract. Distributed systems are responsible for providing the main execution platform for High Performance Computing (HPC).(More)