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Vinca minor L., an ornamental plant with symptoms typical of a begomovirus was found in the vicinity of the School of Biological Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan. Symptomatic and apparently healthy leaf samples were collected and subjected to DNA extraction and polymerase chain reaction, using universal primers conserved for the coat protein region of(More)
PURPOSE According to published literature status epilepticus (SE) is associated with 7-39% mortality. Timely management is one variable that potentially influences the outcome. We sought to review the process of acute management of SE at the University of Alberta Hospital and correlate outcome with adherence to a recommended treatment protocol. METHODS We(More)
Acetaminophen is a widely used analgesic that can cause acute liver failure when consumed above a maximum daily dose. Certain patients may be at increased risk of hepatocellular damage even at conventional therapeutic doses. We report a case of a 34-year-old man on carbamazepine for complex partial seizures who developed acute liver and renal failure on(More)
A 54-year-old man presented with nonprogressive dysarthria due to isolated right hypoglossal nerve (HN) palsy. The cranial MRI reveals an ectatic right vertebral artery impinging on the cisternal segment of HN (figure). The hypoglossal-vertebral entrapment syndrome 1 occurs as the hypoglossal rootlets converge directly over the distorted vessel with(More)
BACKGROUND Canadian provinces boast one of the most sophisticated telemedicine infrastructures in the world. Feasibility of epilepsy care through telemedicine is established, but its use by practicing neurologists is unknown. The Canadian League against Epilepsy's telemedicine task force conducted this study to understand the perceptions, barriers and usage(More)
Partial seizures of temporal origin can be associated with clinically significant tachycardia or bradycardia. Ictal bradycardia and asystole has been implicated in the etiology of sudden unexpected death in epileptic patients (SUDEP). Although symptomatic ictal bradycardia has been relatively well described in the literature; information on asymptomatic(More)
Financial risk associated with over or underproduction of electricity is studied. A two-stage stochastic model that considers parameter uncertainties is developed. The model was applied to a real case to meet projected electricity demand of a fleet of generating stations. Incorporation of financial risk resulted in an increase in electricity cost. The(More)
BACKGROUND Ictal and postictal language dysfunction is common and strongly predictive of language laterality in monolingual patients. For bilingual patients, selective dysfunction has been reported for a single language with focal cerebral lesions, electrical brain stimulation, and intracarotid sodium amytal. METHODS Two right-handed Ukrainian-English(More)