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Viral respiratory infections including influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) have been reported during the Hajj among international pilgrims. To help establish the burden of these infections at the Hajj, we set up a study to confirm these diagnoses in symptomatic British pilgrims who attended the 2005 Hajj. UK pilgrims with symptoms of upper(More)
Duodenum artery mesenteric gut rotation acute abdomen aorta compression Case report The superior mesenteric artery syndrome is a clinical rarity often detected late Among the numerous vessels present in the body the Superior mesenteric artery is a unique vessel which can get compressed and cause obstruction to duodenum in most cases and sometimes the(More)
Vertebral injuries can occur as isolated injuries or may be associated with other injuries. Recognition of the level of injury is important along with the mechanism of injury. The article describes the various types of injuries of the vertebral column along with the main mechanisms and the difference between the types of injuries in the vertebral column.
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