Sajid Mushtaq

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OBJECTIVE To determine the spectrum of malignant lymphomas in our set up, according to the WHO classification. METHODS All the cases diagnosed as malignant lymphoma, during the year 2005, were retrieved from the institution based tumour registry record and classified according to WHO criteria depending on the immunohistochemical results of a panel of(More)
Carcinoma of the male breast, histologically identical to that seen in females, is a rare malignant epithelial tumour. We retrospectively studied 141 cases of male breast carcinoma diagnosed during a ten year period (1992-2001). These tumours comprised 0.7% of all cancers, 1.1% of all malignancies in males and 5.9% of all breast carcinomas in both genders.(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the cause of sudden cardiac death and observe the morphological changes in the heart after death. METHODS A cross sectional survey of 66 cases was carried out at Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP) Rawalpindi from 1992 to 1994. A detailed autopsy including external and internal postmortem examination was done. Representative(More)
BACKGROUND The presence of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) in Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma can be identified by immunohistochemistry for detection of EBV latent membrane protein (LMP). The role of EBV as an etiologic agent in the development of non-Hodgkin lymphoma has been supported by detection of high levels of latent membrane protein 1 (LMP-1) expression in tumors.(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the pattern of childhood cancer in northern Pakistan. DESIGN A descriptive study. PLACE AND DURATION January 1992 to December 2001 at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. MATERIALS AND METHODS All histologically diagnosed malignant childhood tumours registered with the tumour registry of our institute(More)
OBJECTIVE The study was carried out to document the occurrence of early onset breast cancer in our population and to assess prognostic variables. METHODS Records of a total of 1,644 female patients diagnosed with breast carcinoma during the last four years (Jan 2005 - Dec 2008) at the Histopathology Department, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP)(More)
Ossifying fibromyxoid tumor is a rare tumor of mesenchymal origin with varied presentation at different sites including head and neck. Clinically these are slow growing lesions and patients have a variable age at presentation. A 14 years old girl presented with a slowly enlarging gingival swelling, which on radiological examination showed increased(More)
Ann Saudi Med 2006;26(5):382-384 The pattern of gynaecological malignancies is different in various geographical areas. It is said that cervical cancer is one of the leading cancers in women worldwide, second only to breast cancer; 80% of new cases occur in developing countries.1 In African and Indian studies as well, it is cervical cancer that is the most(More)
Synovial sarcoma is a mesenchymal spindle cell tumour, which is unrelated to synovium and shows variable epithelial differentiation. Typically, synovial sarcoma arises in the soft tissues of the extremities but cases in the head and neck region are less common and oral cavity involvement is extremely rare. A 17-year-old girl presented with a gradually(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the histological prognostic markers in breast carcinoma over three decades in Northern Pakistani population and analyse for any change in trends in terms of prognostic markers. METHODS Cross-sectional descriptive study was carried out from January 2004 to December 2006 at AFIP, Rawalpindi on 822 cases of female breast carcinoma.(More)