Saji Thomas Kochuveedu

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We developed plasmonic dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) with tailor-designed Au-TiO₂ nanostructures integrated into the photoanode. Mutually antagonistic Au-TiO₂ core-shell structures supported on SiO₂ spheres (SiO₂@TiO₂@AuNP and SiO₂@AuNP@TiO₂) were prepared and incorporated as additives into the photoanodes of the DSSCs. The DSSCs employing the(More)
We fabricated titanium dioxide (TiO 2)-silica (SiO 2) nanocomposite structures with controlled morphology by a simple synthetic approach using cooperative sol-gel chemistry and block copolymer (BCP) self-assembly. Mixed TiO 2-SiO 2 sol-gel precursors were blended with amphiphilic poly(styrene-block-ethylene oxide) (PS-b-PEO) BCPs where the precursors were(More)
We demonstrate the surface-plasmon-induced enhancement of Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET)using a model multilayer core-shell nanostructure consisting of an Au core and surrounding FRET pairs, i.e., CdSe quantum dot donors and S101 dye acceptors. The multilayer configuration was demonstrated to exhibit synergistic effects of surface plasmon energy(More)
A versatile and facile route to control the composition of plasmonic nanoparticles (NP) aligned in a configuration of two dimensional nano-arrays is presented by applying galvanic displacement reactions on a pre-defined noble metal NP arrays which were prepared from diblock copolymer inverse micelles containing metal precursors.
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