Sajay Sadasivan

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Aircraft inspection is a vital element in assuring safety and reliability of the air transportation system. The human inspector performing visual inspection of an aircraft is the backbone of this process and training is an effective strategy for improving their inspection performance. Previous studies have shown offline feedback training to be effective in(More)
This paper evaluates the use of Visual Deictic Reference (VDR) in Collaborative Virtual Environments (CVEs). A simple CVE capable of hosting two (or more) participants simultaneously immersed in the same virtual environment is used as the testbed. One participant's VDR, obtained by tracking the participant's gaze, is projected to co-participants'(More)
Increased emphasis on aircraft inspection to ensure aviation safety has resulted in the need for a better trained workforce of aircraft maintenance personnel. As almost 90% of inspection is visual in nature, it has led to the development of computer simulators to train human inspectors performing the inspection task. However, the lack of immersion and(More)
A haptic virtual borescope is developed for the purpose of aircraft engine inspection training, similar in spirit to borescope trainers intended for use in gas turbine maintenance training schools. Such devices consist of engine section mockups for use with a real borescope. Our approach instead simulates engine sections in virtual reality, replacing the(More)
Aircraft inspection is vital to assure safe and reliable air transportation. Search strategy training has been recognized to be effective in improving an inspector’s performance in a visual inspection task. Improving the search performance of novice inspectors can be expedited by providing cognitive feedfoward information about the search strategy adopted(More)
This paper describes a research program with an objective to develop and implement an interactive virtual reality (VR) model of the aircraft inspection maintenance process for asynchronous delivery. Existing approaches have not been able to mimic accurately the complexity of the aircraft maintenance process, reporting limited transfer capabilities and(More)
Aircraft maintenance and inspection is a complex system consisting of several interrelated human-machine components wherein human plays a key role in ensuring the worthiness of the aircrafts. Considering this fact, it is important to focus on the human in the system. It is critical to deploy strategies that will reduce human error and improve human(More)
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