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Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a complex disorder encompassing multiple metabolic defects. We report results from an autosomal genome scan for type 2 diabetes-related quantitative traits in 580 Finnish(More)
Biochanin-A, an isoflavone, existing in red clover, cabbage and alfalfa, has an inhibitory and apoptogenic effect on certain cancer cells. However, the actual mechanism by which this compound(More)
Common, familial human disorders generally do not follow Mendelian inheritance patterns, presumably because multiple loci are involved in disease susceptibility. One approach to mapping genes for(More)
The adrenomedullary hormone epinephrine transduces environmental stressors into cardiovascular events (tachycardia and hypertension). Although the epinephrine biosynthetic enzyme PNMT genetic locus(More)
The molecular basis of neuroendocrine-specific expression of chromogranin B gene (Chgb) has remained elusive. Utilizing wild-type and mutant Chgb promoter/luciferase reporter constructs, this study(More)