Sajal Mukhopadhyay

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Indian Railways have one of the biggest infrastructures in terms of number of Express trains run per day across cities . It is comparable to any railways in the world. For each Express train there is a "TATKAL" scheme that reserves few seats on emergency basis. In the existing scheme for each seat a ticket is issued after charging a fixed price. However,(More)
—The doctors (or expert consultants) are the critical resources on which the success of critical medical cases are heavily dependent. With the emerging technologies (such as video conferencing, smartphone, etc.) this is no longer a dream but a true fact, that for critical medical cases in a hospital, expert consultants from around the world could be hired,(More)
Participatory Sensing system (PSS) is being thought of as an alternative model in the pervasive computing environment, to collect effective data from mobile human agents, where deployment of sensor agents to collect data will be costly. One of the main difficulties in collecting data from the human agents is that, they are not willing to participate in this(More)
—The expert advices or consultancies by the expert consultants (ECs) for any critical situation in healthcare are the most important event that occurs on a daily basis in the hospitals. As the success of any critical operation (or surgery) is heavily dependent on ECs, so they can be thought of as one of the crucial elements of the healthcare domain. In many(More)
The Basketball is uniquely American game and most popular in this country and now getting popularity in worldwide. National Basketball Association(NBA)is the major basket ball league conducting basketball matches event of every year in the month of february. In a basketball match, k tickets are available and more than k people give demand for a ticket to(More)
—Very often in some censorious healthcare scenario, there may be a need to have some expert consultancies (especially by doctors) that are not available in-house to the hospital. With the advancement in technologies (such as video conferencing, smartphone, etc.), it has become reality that, for the critical medical cases in the hospitals, expert consultants(More)
A specialized, interdisciplinary database on various types of related information on methanogenic bacteria is described. Derived from other sequence databases etc., this database collects information from many sources, including unpublished work from research laboratories working in this field, and makes them accessible from a single source, to interested(More)