Sajad Hussain Mir

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The objective of this study was to investigate the prolonged complications of untreated diabetes on histomorphology of rabbits. Diabetes mellitus was experimentally induced in one group of New Zealand white male rabbits by intraperitoneal administration of four doses of alloxan @ 80 mg/kg b.w. at weekly intervals following 12 h fasting. Other group of(More)
The study was conducted to evaluate the metal induced abnormalities in the kidneys of Schizothorax niger, Heckel from Dal lake seasonally for a period of two years. The varied seasonal metal concentrations for copper (64.61 ± 3.10 to 78.90 ± 3.42 ppm), zinc (88.77 ± 3.52 to 101.99 ± 4.03 ppm), iron (200.99 ± 5.04 to 292.61 ± 4.25 ppm) and manganese (0.84 ±(More)
Most studies on the sexual behaviour of tephritid fruit flies are conducted in laboratory or field cage settings. Here, we present field data on the mating behaviour of the melon fly, Bactrocera cucurbitae (Coquillett). A number of Tephritidae are lekking species, forming aggregations in which males fight to defend a small territory where they court females(More)
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