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Evaluation of arterial compliance is significant in cardiovascular diagnosis for early detection of coronary heart disease. We present ARTSENS, an image-free system for non-invasive evaluation of arterial compliance in-vivo. The system utilizes a single element ultrasound probe with intelligent measurement algorithms to ensure accurate evaluation of local(More)
Due to the isoechoic nature of lesions and their poor contrast with neighbouring tissue, a lesion may remain undetected in ultrasound B mode imaging for cancerous tissue. Imaging of the elastic properties of tissue provides new information which is collateral to tissue pathology. This study provides quantitative analysis of improvements in tumour diagnosis(More)
Breast thermography is one of the scanning techniques used for breast cancer detection. Looking at breast thermal image it is difficult to interpret parameters or tumor such as depth, size and location which are useful for diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. In our previous work (ITBIC) we proposed a framework for estimation of tumor size using clever(More)
The objective of this paper is to assess the Digital Elevation Model (DEM) mosaicing accuracy. The Indian Remote Sensing satellite Cartosat–1 acquires the data in along track stereo mode with a ground resolution of 2.5 m and swath of 27.5 km. Hence the generation of DEM for a larger area covering more than 27.5 km width requires the mosaic of multiple DEMs.(More)
This letter proposes an automated region mask for the detection of cardiac chambers from ultrasonic fetal heart biometry. The fetal biometry consists of two dimensional ultrasonic cine-loop sequences of apical four chamber view of fetal heart, which are comparatively The clinical motion information of individual frame is extracted by keeping a constant(More)
Polymer-stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystals (PSFLCs) are made by photopolymerizing 3% reactive mesogenic monomer on a quasi bookshelf texture of a ferroelectric liquid crystal (FLC). We observe the formation of nano-scaled polymer fibrils templated by the two dimensionally ordered host. The polymer fibrils capture the orientation of the host with thin(More)
Polyacrylamide based tissue mimicking phantom with embedded cysts is designed and analyzed for better understanding of cyst elastograms. Cysts filled with different fluids of varying density and bulk moduli are embedded in the phantom. Characterization is done based on parameters measured from the ultrasound B mode and elastogram of the cystic lesions. Such(More)
In the last few years data acquisition and control systems are PC based for industrial and laboratory applications. In this paper, we present a data acquisition process to monitor the greenhouse environment. The simulation process consists of Real Time setup using Proteus software. The changes in the sensor variables such as temperature, soil moisture and(More)
Nonlinear optical (NLO) materials play a major role in the field of photonics including optical information processing, sensor protector applications, data storage etc. Some organic compounds exhibit large NLO response, in many cases, orders of magnitude larger than widely known inorganic materials. The importance of amino acid in NLO application is due to(More)
Single crystal of L-Prolinium Tartrate (LPT) was grown from aqueous solution by slow evaporation technique. The crystalline nature of the material has been confirmed by single crystal X-ray diffraction. The optical transmission study reveals the transparency of the crystal in the entire visible region and the cut off wavelength has been found to be 220 nm.(More)