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The synthesis and characterisation of a large family of trimetallic [Mn(III)(3)] Single-Molecule Magnets is presented. The complexes reported can be divided into three categories with general formulae (type 1) [Mn(III)(3)O(R-sao)(3)(X)(sol)(3-4)] (where R = H, Me, (t)Bu; X = (-)O(2)CR (R = H, Me, Ph etc); sol = py and/or H(2)O), (type 2)(More)
Continuous-wave, multi-frequency electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) studies are reported for a series of single-crystal and powder samples containing different dilutions of a recently discovered mononuclear Ho(III) (4f(10)) single-molecule magnet (SMM) encapsulated in a highly symmetric polyoxometalate (POM) cage. The encapsulation offers the potential(More)
High-field, single-crystal EPR spectroscopy on a tetragonal bisdiselenazolyl ferromagnet has provided evidence for the presence of easy-axis magnetic anisotropy, with the crystallographic c axis as the easy axis and the ab plane as the hard plane. The observation of a zero-field gap in the resonance frequency is interpreted in terms of an anisotropy field(More)
This perspectives article takes a broad view of the current understanding of magnetic bistability and magnetic quantum tunneling in single-molecule magnets (SMMs), focusing on three families of relatively simple, low-nuclearity transition metal clusters: spin S = 4 Ni(II)(4), Mn(III)(3) (S = 2 and 6) and Mn(III)(6) (S = 4 and 12). The Mn(III) complexes are(More)
The synthesis and characterisation of a large family of hexametallic [Mn(III)(6)] Single-Molecule Magnets of general formula [Mn(III)(6)O(2)(R-sao)(6)(X)(2)(sol)(4-6)] (where R = H, Me, Et; X = (-)O(2)CR' (R' = H, Me, Ph etc) or Hal(-); sol = EtOH, MeOH and/or H(2)O) are presented. We show how deliberate structural distortions of the [Mn(3)O] trinuclear(More)
A new octanuclear manganese cluster [Mn(8)(Hpmide)(4)O(4)(EtCOO)(6)](ClO(4))(2) (1) is achieved by employing Hpmide as the ligand, and this paper examines the synthesis, X-ray structure, high-field electron paramagnetic resonance (HFEPR), magnetization hysteresis loops and magnetic susceptibilities. Complex 1 was prepared by two different methods, and(More)
The syntheses, crystal structures, and magnetochemical characterization of four new iron clusters [Fe7O4(O2CPh)11(dmem)2] (1), [Fe7O4(O2CMe)11(dmem)2] (2), [Fe6O2(OH)4(O2CBut)8(dmem)2] (3), and [Fe3O(O2CBut)2(N3)3(dmem)2] (4) (dmemH=Me2NCH2CH2N(Me)CH2CH2OH)=2-{[2-(dimethylamino)ethyl]methylamino}ethanol) are reported. The reaction of dmemH with(More)
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