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BACKGROUND Dermoscopy is one of the major imaging modalities used in the diagnosis of melanoma and other pigmented skin lesions. In current practice, dermatologists determine lesion area by manually drawing lesion borders. Therefore, automated assessment tools for dermoscopy images have become an important research field mainly because of inter- and(More)
The copulatory performance of male rats, tested in a large seminaturalistic environment, was assessed to determine the relation between 22-kHz ultrasonic vocalizations and a range of sociosexual behaviors. The male rats were tested until sexual exhaustion. Such ultrasonic signals were shown to occur in a wider range of sociosexual circumstances than(More)
The effects of a new transfusion filter (Swank IL-20U) on stored, whole blood have been examined. Six filters were preloaded by passage of two units of outdated, type-specific bank blood, and the effects of filtration on a third unit of 21-day-old blood flowing under 150 mm Hg pressure were measured. Filtration did not significantly alter erythrocyte or(More)
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