Sait Eğilmez

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Based on qualitative and quantitative EEG findings, the psychotropic properties of GB-94, GC-46, and GC-94 were predicted. According to the EEG model, GB-94 was predicted to be similar to amitriptyline and GC-46 t( imipramine. GC-94 was found to be much less effective on the CNS than GB-94 and GC-46 and was predicted to have "stimulatory" clinical effects(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate whether black-pigmented Gram-negative anaerobes are part of the indigenous oral flora of edentulous subjects with or without dentures. Group I consisted of 11 subjects with dentures (mean age 63.6 years, range 52-75) and Group II consisted of 39 subjects with complete dentures in both jaws (mean age 59.3 years, range(More)
A 5-yr-old boy who diagnosed acute liver failure and Stage IV hepatic encephalopathy underwent living related liver transplantation and awakened with persistent hand motions visual loss. Serum Tacrolimus, electrolytes, magnesium levels were normal as well as blood pressure. His neurologic and opthamologic examinations were otherwise normal. Visual evoked(More)