Saisuresh Krishnakumaran

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In virtualized environments, an operating system may not have complete knowledge about its resources, as it sees only virtualized forms of physical resources. The Virtual Machine Monitor which has access to the physical resources, however, is not aware of the abstractions of the operating system. In this paper, we discuss how this lack of information can(More)
Trace caches have been effectively used as a solution to the problem of fetch mechanism bottlenecks in recent processors. Higher performance is gleaned by increasing the sizes of the trace caches, which brings along higher power consumption. However, in the wake of power economy, alternatives that better suit our needs have to be investigated. Towards this(More)
Large instruction window processors can achieve high performance by supplying more instructions during long latency load misses, thus effectively hiding these latencies. Continual Flow Pipeline (CFP) architectures provide high-performance by effectively increasing the number of actively executing instructions without increasing the size of the(More)
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