Saisai Niu

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The structure features and spatial characteristics of the two kinds of micro-machined membrane deformable mirrors, OKO 37-element and BMC 140-element, which work in the NIR based human eye aberration correction system, are compared and analyzed. At same time, the principal component analysis was carried out for the influence function of the mirror, the(More)
A new adaptive method is given in this paper to estimate the centroid of images caught by Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensor after analyzing the reason of causing error. This method is based on the morphological filter, dynamic tracing of spot window, and iterative approximation algorithm. It is more accurate and adaptive than general methods. The experimental(More)
In order to improve the observation effect and further study on the human retinal cell image, image processing technology is used for restoration from the distortion and degradation of images, which are acquired through retinal cell imaging system based on adaptive optics. In this paper, two commonly used image restoration algorithms were introduced: Wiener(More)
Based on the dynamic characteristics of human eye aberration, a microadaptive optics retina imaging system set is established for real-time wavefront measurement and correction. This paper analyzes the working principles of a 127-unit Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensor and a 37-channel micromachine membrane deformable mirror adopted in the system. The proposed(More)
A human fundus transverse microscopic imaging system based on a MEMS deformable membrane mirror was developed. A 37 element small MEMS deformable membrane mirror was used as wave front corrector in this system. Wavefront errors were measured by a Hartman-Shack wave front sensor which contains 127 micro lens lets. After the wavefront error of human eye had(More)
In view of the characteristics of human eye aberrations, a set of adaptive optics system for real-time wavefront measurement and correction is designed. The system realizes wave-front reconstruction based on the model reconstruction algorithm of Zernike polynomials by obtaining the spot pattern of human eye wave-front aberrations with the aid of(More)
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