Saira Saeed

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OBJECTIVE To assess the etiological factors and the outcome of ureterovaginal fistula in an urban setting. METHODS The observational study was conducted at the Armed Forces Institute of Urology, Military Hospital, Rawalpindi, from January 2009 to January 2011. All the patients of uretero-vaginal fistula at the centre were included on the basis of(More)
A 55-year-old lady reported to the surgical OPD with clinical findings of acute peritonitis. Emergency laparotomy was performed. The peritoneal cavity was full of purulent material, however, the gut was normal. An 8 x 6 cm thick walled cyst was found in the left ovary with a minute perforation and purulent fluid coming out of it. Thorough peritoneal lavage(More)
A 25 years old lady with vaginal atresia, secondary to a mismanaged spontaneous vaginal delivery, underwent vaginoplasty using human amnion. The amnion was kept in its place using a 60cc syringe as a mould. For the next three months, dilatation by soft mould was followed by regular intercourse. Alongwith the restoration of normal coital function, she also(More)
BACKGROUND Laparotomy is a commonly performed procedure in any surgical unit. Postoperative complications directly affect the outcome of the disease. The aim of the study was to evaluate and compare the postoperative complications in emergency versus elective laparotomies at a peripheral hospital. METHODS This comparative cross-sectional study was carried(More)
An unusual case of two displaced intrauterine contraceptive devices (copper-T) is described in a 34 years old lady. One copper-T was found in the urinary bladder with stone formation around it and the other embedded in the posterior wall of the urinary bladder. This was managed operatively and the patient made a smooth recovery.
We present a case of 18 months old male child who reported with acute urinary retention. He had a urethral calculus along with a vesical calculus. He was subjected to combined external urethrotomy and open vesicolithotomy in one sitting. The patient made a smooth post operative recovery and was followed up for 6 months.
We present two cases of retroperitoneal masses with different presentations and outcomes. The first case was a 22 years old primigravida lady who underwent emergency caesarean section for preterm premature rupture of membranes with breach. On the operating table, a large retroperitoneal mass was identified and the biopsy confirmed Burkitt's lymphoma. Post(More)
A 60 years old male presented with a 10 years history of chronic discharging perineal sinuses with inguinal lymphadenopathy. Biopsy of the inguinal lymph node revealed follicular B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma while the biopsy of the sinuses was non-specific. It was diagnosed as a case of primary nodal NHL with secondary cutaneous manifestations of multiple(More)
A new born baby boy presented with birth asphyxia and respiratory distress. He went into cardiac arrest twice but was resuscitated. On detailed evaluation, he had low set ears and micrognathia with glossoptosis consistent with features of Pierre Robin sequence. Episodes of apnoea disappeared, on nursing, the baby in prone position and later on tongue-lip(More)