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The development of tolerance to the stimulatory action of caffeine upon mesencephalic reticular neurons and upon spontaneous locomotor activity was evaluated in rats after two weeks of chronic exposure to low doses of caffeine (5-10 mg/kg/day via their drinking water). These doses are achievable through dietary intake of caffeine-containing beverages in(More)
The ZntR protein from Escherichia coli is a member of the MerR-family of transcriptional regulatory proteins and acts as a hyper-sensitive transcriptional switch primarily in response to Zn(II) and Cd(II). The binding of metal-ions to ZntR initiates a mechanism that remodels the cognate promoter, increasing its affinity for RNA polymerase. We have(More)
Few studies have investigated the role of race in the association of diabetes and obesity with prostate cancer aggressiveness. Here we evaluate the independent association between diabetes and obesity with prostate cancer aggressiveness in White Americans and Black Americans. Our cross-sectional, case-only study consisted of 1,058 White Americans and 991(More)
We investigated the effects of antifreeze peptides (AFP) and insulin transferrin selenium (ITS) on the motility and membrane integrity of chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) spermatozoa after chilling (0-5 degrees C) and thawing. The effects of three thawing procedures, in the presence or absence of AFP and ITS, on sperm motility and on the status of the plasma(More)
Endothelin 1 (EDN1) plays a primary role in the pathophysiology of hypoxia-induced fetal growth restriction in the rat. In this study we evaluated the effects of chronic maternal hypoxia on the expression of endothelin and its receptors and on receptor binding activity in the uterus and placenta of the rat, in order to elucidate their roles in(More)
We examined effects of maternal stress on prenatal serum concentrations of testosterone and estradiol and on postnatal reproductive traits in female mice from different intrauterine positions. On Day 18 of fetal life, control females positioned in utero between two male fetuses (2M females) had higher concentrations of testosterone and lower concentrations(More)
Hyperthermia is a potent sensitizer of cell killing by ionizing radiation (IR); however, hyperthermia also induces heat shock protein 70 (HSP70) synthesis and HSP70 expression is associated with radioresistance. Because HSP70 interacts with the telomerase complex and expression of the telomerase catalytic unit (hTERT) extends the life span of the human(More)
The oligosaccharide OligoG, an alginate derived from seaweed, has been shown to have anti-bacterial and anti-biofilm properties and potentiates the activity of selected antibiotics against multi-drug resistant bacteria. The ability of OligoG to perturb fungal growth and potentiate conventional antifungal agents was evaluated using a range of pathogenic(More)
One third of tumor suppressors are haploinsufficient transcriptional regulators, yet it remains unknown how a 50% reduction of a transcription factor is translated at the cis-regulatory level into a malignant transcriptional program. We studied CUX1, a haploinsufficient transcription factor that is recurrently mutated in hematopoietic and solid tumors. We(More)
With the aim of selecting potential botanical insecticides, seven plant extracts (Daphne mucronata (Family: Thymelaeaceae), Tagetes minuta (Asteraceae), Calotropis procera (Apocynaceae), Boenninghausenia albiflora (Rutaceae), Eucalyptus sideroxylon (Myrtaceae), Cinnamomum camphora (Lauraceae) and Isodon rugosus (Lamiaceae)) were screened for their toxic(More)