Saira Andleeb Gillani

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Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs) are the most prominent enabling network technology for Intelligent Transportation Systems. VANETs provide many new exciting applications and opportunities al-beit transportation safety and facilitation applications are their core drivers. Security of vehicular networks remains the most significant concern in VANETs(More)
Earthquakes are considered one of the major disastrous situations for any nation. The horrible earthquake may claim hundreds of lives, thousands of injuries and demolishing thousands of houses. When an earthquake hits a nation then number of management bodies (such as: government organizations, non-government organizations (NGOs)) are actively involved in(More)
Alternative splicing (AS) and Gene duplication are two well known evolutionary and ubiquitous mechanisms. Both have the common gist for conveying the functional diversity by means of escalating gene variegation. The objective of this study is to understand the established hidden relationship between both of these mechanisms to find the answer for the long(More)
Identification of expert to domain knowledge in any field of interest is essential for consulting in industry, academia and scientific community. The objective of this study is to address the expert-finding task in contemporary communities. We proposed Multifaceted Web Mining Architecture (MfWMA) and implemented a tool with data extracted from Growbag,(More)
In this article, segmentation of weeds and crops has been investigated by using supervised learning based on feed forward neural network. The images have been taken from the satellite imaginary for a specified region on the geographical space in Pakistan and perform edge detection by classical image processing scheme. The obtained samples are classified by(More)
Since last decades, online technologies have revolutionized the modern computing world. However, as a result, security threats are increasing rapidly. A huge community is using the online services even from chatting to banking is done via online transactions. Customers of web technologies face various security threats and phishing is one of the most(More)
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