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Modern data centers are massive, and support a range of distributed applications across potentially hundreds of server racks. As their utilization and bandwidth needs continue to grow, traditional methods of augmenting bandwidth have proven complex and costly in time and resources. Recent measurements show that data center traffic is often limited by(More)
There are pairs of machines in a datacenter that talks with each other frequently. These machines are called hotspots and are problematic due to high link load between them. Recent methods try to use wireless communication between machines in a data center to alleviate hotspot problem. In this paper, a wireless communication method for data centers that(More)
• Wireless transmitter localization. Leveraging the BLOCKIN BLOCKIN shadowing effect of BLOCKIN BLOCKIN human bodies, we BLOCKIN BLOCKIN build an BLOCKIN BLOCKIN accurate and BLOCKIN BLOCKIN energy efficient system through both signal processing techniques and system driver hacks. • Data center network augmentation with 3D beamforming. Flexible,(More)
My primary research interests include Datacenter Networks and Wireless Networks. I am particularly interested in designing network systems driven by real-­‐‑ world needs and challenges. My research focuses on the performance and management of large-­‐‑ scale networks. I explore new network technologies, such as 60GHz wireless, Remote Direct Memory Access(More)
Worked with Dr. Ranveer Chandra on designing energy-­‐‑ efficient techniques for Wi-­‐‑ Fi connectivity. Performed detailed power measurements, and built an emulator to validate the system design. 6/10 – 9/10 Research Intern Collaborated with Dr. Stratis Ioannidis and Dr. Laurent Massoulié to study content sharing across multiple BitTorrent swarms. Analyzed(More)
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