Saima Sharmin

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The concept and simulated device characteristics of tunneling field-effect transistors (TFETs) based on III-nitride heterojunctions are presented for the first time. Through polarization engineering, interband tunneling can become significant in III-nitride heterojunctions, leading to the potential for a viable TFET technology. Two prototype device designs,(More)
Solving combinatorial optimization problems is challenging. Mapping onto the ground-state search problem of the Ising Hamiltonian is a promising approach in this field, where the components of the optimization set are modeled as artificial spin units. The search for a suitable physical system to realize these spin units is an active area of research. In(More)
The effect of voltage on the anisotropy of a magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) is of substantial interest for low-power nonvolatile memory applications. In this paper, we develop a device-to-bit-cell level simulation framework for voltage-assisted switching of the MTJs, which can satisfactorily reproduce the published experimental data. Our simulation(More)
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