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Negotiating power: community media, democracy, and the public sphere
Given the centrality of communication to society, who ‘owns’ the media, who gets to speak on behalf of whom, and to what end are critical issues. The regression of ‘mainstream’ media from ‘watchdogs’Expand
Phantom Journalism
A key parameter of determining the changing nature of journalism is to address the question of who owns the media and why. Recent revelations of sham transactions, fraudulent trade practices andExpand
Serum levels of leptin, zinc and tryptophan in obese subjects with sleep deficits.
Obesity is an important risk factor for sleep disorders. This study aimed to evaluate the association of leptin, zinc and tryptophan (TRP) in obese subjects with sleep deficits [sleep apnea (SA),Expand
Antibacterial Study of Medicinal Plant Trigonella foenum
The present study was conducted to evaluate the antibacterial study of the medicinal plant Trigonella foenum crude extract and its subsequent solvent soluble fractions against six bacterial strainsExpand
Measuring fidelity to delivery of a new smoking cessation intervention integrated into routine tuberculosis care in Pakistan and Bangladesh: Contextual differences and opportunities
INTRODUCTION Tobacco smoking among tuberculosis (TB) patients leads to poorer treatment outcomes. Smoking cessation support should be integrated into routine TB care. We measured healthcareExpand
Social Provisions among Street Children
The research presents description of relationship of street children with their parents, peers, friends and others significant people. The study also intended to find out social support system of theExpand
Psychological Distress and Health Related Quality of Life between Smokers and Non-Smokers
The present research was conducted to explore the relationship between psychological distress and health related quality of life among direct smokers and second hand smokers. It was a correlationExpand
Misoprostol for 1 st Trimester Miscarriage : Efficacy of Vaginal Versus Oral Misoprostol
Aim: This study was conducted to compare the efficacy and safety of vaginal versus oral misoprostol in 1st trimester miscarriage. Study Design: It was a quasi-experimental interventional study. PlaceExpand