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The next generation intelligent devices need to understand and evolve with the user. Towards this goal, we present a User Graph generation framework that models user's level of interest and knowledge across a set of categories. The user graph is built through an unsupervised and semi-supervised topic modeling process, using latent semantic analysis(More)
Understanding user intent is critical as we move towards provisioning next generation services. Towards this goal, we have developed a mobile in-device framework that mines user consumed content for inferring custom user interest. We build custom filters from user content that has wide ranging applications including filtering content automatically from(More)
Mobile web browsing has inherent usability and content discovery problems that warrants alternate browsing paradigms. To provision improved web usability, a server hosted multi-topic content indexing system and a client-based topic cluster solution has been developed that allows the user to browse the web based on content semantics alone. Semantic(More)
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