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The rapid increase in global energy consumption and the impact of greenhouse gas emissions has accelerated the transition towards greener energy sources. The need for distributed generation employing renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and fuel cells has gained significant momentum. Advanced power electronic systems, affordable high performance(More)
We consider the problem of incorporating end-user advice into reinforcement learning (RL). In our setting, the learner alternates between practicing, where learning is based on actual world experience, and end-user critique sessions where advice is gathered. During each critique session the end-user is allowed to analyze a trajectory of the current policy(More)
This paper proposes an Artificial Neural Network based approach for implementing Automatic Signature verification and authentication system. In this era, with the rapid growth of Internet and the necessity of localized verification systems, handwritten signature has become an important biometric feature for the purpose of verification and authentication.(More)
Steganography is the art of hiding data in a medium without making it apparent that the medium contains a message. Various techniques for Steganography have been proposed in different mediums by researchers. The most commonly used form of Steganography is the LSB (Least Significant Bit) Steganography in which the Least Significant Bit of a byte is changed.(More)
Understanding the propagation of human health behavior, such as smoking and obesity, and identification of the factors that control such phenomenon is an important area of research in recent years mainly because, in industrialized countries a substantial proportion of the mortality and quality of life is due to particular behavior patterns, and that these(More)
Monitoring one’s heart rate and body temperature continuously from a remote area is impossible for a medical expert by using typical monitoring devices. To overcome this problem we can implement a GSM based system using microcontroller and LM35 sensor which is low-cost and use-friendly. Here, a heart beat sensor is used to detect the heart rate and an LM35(More)