Saikat Dutta Chowdhury

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Cytoplasmic dynein associates with dynactin to drive cargo movement on microtubules, but the structure of the dynein-dynactin complex is unknown. Using electron microscopy, we determined the organization of native bovine dynein, dynactin and the dynein-dynactin-microtubule quaternary complex. In the microtubule-bound complex, the dynein motor domains are(More)
As part of their basal immune mechanism against insect/herbivore attacks, plants have evolved systemic response mechanisms. Such a systemic wound response in tomato was found to involve an 18 amino acid polypeptide called systemin, the first polypeptide hormone to be discovered in plants. Systematic alanine scanning and deletion studies showed differential(More)
The ATPases associated with various cellular activities (AAA+ ATPases) form a broad family of multimeric ATP-driven motors that are ubiquitous and perform a vast variety of functions in living cells. These ATPases form ring-shaped structures with catalytic sites created in the interface between 2 neighboring motor subunits. Despite decades of structural and(More)
BACKGROUND Herbal analgesic and anti-inflammatory remedies are preferred much because of lesser side effects and also a lower tendency for habit formation. Pentatropis capensis is such an analgesic and anti-inflammatory drug which is popular among folklore remedies for various injuries and inflammatory problems. It is called by the name of Kākanāsikā in(More)
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