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Aspirin Loaded Albumin Nanoparticles by Coacervation: Implications in Drug Delivery
Application of nanotechnology in drug delivery systems has opened up new areas of research in sustained release of various drugs. Due to their size, nanoparticles have the advantage of reachingExpand
Protein based nanoparticles as platforms for aspirin delivery for ophthalmologic applications.
This study shows that aspirin loaded albumin nanoparticles prepared by coacervation holds promise as a formulation for topical delivery in diabetic retinopathy. Expand
Effect of Surfactant Adsorption on the Wettability Alteration of Gas-Bearing Shales
Water loss in low permeability reservoirs during hydraulic fracturing well completions typically results in a decrease in natural gas production due to capillary trapping near the fractures. ShaleExpand
In-Situ GISAXS Investigation of Pore Orientation Effects on the Thermal Transformation Mechanism in Mesoporous Titania Thin Films
This study addresses the effects of mesopore orientation on mesostructural stability and crystallization of titania thin films during calcination based on measurements with in-situ grazing incidenceExpand
Porous Organic Materials: Strategic Design and Structure-Function Correlation.
This review encompasses the recent significant breakthroughs and the conventional functions and practices in the field of porous Organic materials to find useful applications and imparts a comprehensive understanding of the strategic evolution of the design and synthetic approaches of porous organic materials with tunable characteristics. Expand
Fabrication of COF-MOF Composite Membranes and Their Highly Selective Separation of H2/CO2.
It is demonstrated for the first time that a metal- organic framework can be grown on the covalent-organic framework (COF) membrane to fabricate COF-MOF composite membranes, which demonstrate higher separation selectivity of H2/CO2 gas mixtures than the individual COF and MOF membranes. Expand
Chiral Recognition and Separation by Chirality-Enriched Metal-Organic Frameworks.
This paper describes the first study on the efficiency of chiral induction in MOFs using inexpensive achiral building blocks and fully recoverable chiral dopants to control the handedness of racemic MOFs. Expand
In Situ GISAXS Investigation of Low-Temperature Aging in Oriented Surfactant-Mesostructured Titania Thin Films
The mechanism of forming orthogonally oriented hexagonal close-packed (o-HCP) mesostructures during aging of surfactant-templated titania thin films is elucidated using in situ grazing incidenceExpand
Lewis Acid Catalyzed Stereoselective Dearomative Coupling of Indolylboron Ate Complexes with Donor-Acceptor Cyclopropanes and Alkyl Halides.
Indolylboron ate complexes readily generated from 2-lithioindoles and boronic esters and underwent multicomponent dearomative coupling with D-A cyclopropanes and alkyl halides in the presence of Sc(OTf)3 as a catalyst to provide indolines containing three contiguous stereocenters. Expand