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INTRODUCTION This study was conducted to estimate sleep duration in Saudi elementary school children, sleep habits and practices that may affect it, and compare our results to published data in other societies. METHODS Parents of elementary school children were surveyed regarding their children's bedtime, rise time, sleep duration at night and daytime nap(More)
We evaluated the adverse effect of asymptomatic Helicobacter pylori infection in children on the response to Fe supplementation. One hundred and sixty-nine children aged 1-10 years from the urban poor community underwent a [13C]urea breath test for H. pylori and haematological tests at admission and after 8 weeks. Both H. pylori-positive and -negative(More)
BACKGROUND Micronutrient deficiencies may be related to poor fetal growth and short gestation. Few studies have investigated the contribution of maternal vitamin A deficiency to these outcomes. OBJECTIVE In rural northwestern Bangladesh, we examined the effects of weekly antenatal vitamin A and β-carotene supplementation on birth weight, length,(More)
Properties of bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) reflect body-composition and may serve as stand-alone indicators of maternal health. Despite these potential roles, BIA properties during pregnancy and lactation in rural South Asian women have not been described previously, although pregnancy and infant health outcomes are often compromised. This paper(More)
OBJECTIVE Prevalence of asymptomatic Helicobacter pylori infection is very high in infants and children in developing countries. C urea breath test (UBT) is a reliable non-invasive diagnostic test for H. pylori infection in children that avoids invasive endoscopy. We compared a newly introduced H. pylori stool antigen test (with a high sensitivity and(More)
Aflatoxin B1 is a potent carcinogen, occurring from mold growth that contaminates staple grains in hot, humid environments. In this investigation, aflatoxin B1-lysine albumin biomarkers were measured by mass spectrometry in rural South Asian women, during the first and third trimester of pregnancy, and their children at birth and at two years of age. These(More)
BACKGROUND Growth faltering in the first 2 years of life is high in South Asia where prevalence of stunting is estimated at 40-50%. Although nutrition counselling has shown modest benefits, few intervention trials of food supplementation exist showing improvements in growth and prevention of stunting. METHODS A cluster-randomized controlled trial was(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of antioxidant Vitamins E and C as adjunct therapy of severe acute lower respiratory infection (ALRI) in children. DESIGN Randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial. SETTING A large childrens' hospital serving the urban poor in Kolkata, India. SUBJECTS Children aged 2-35 months admitted with severe ALRI.(More)
BACKGROUND In rural Bangladesh, more than 75% of all births occur at home in the absence of skilled birth attendants. Population-based data are lacking on the burden and risk factors for obstetric complications in settings with low rates of institutional delivery. We sought to describe the prevalence of reported complications and to analyze risk factors for(More)
A live oral cholera vaccine developed from a non-toxigenic Vibrio cholerae O1 El Tor strain VA1.3 was tested in a double-blind randomized placebo controlled study for safety and immunogenicity in 304 men aged between 16 and 50 years from Kolkata, India. A dose of 5 x 10(9)CFU (n=186) or a placebo (n=116) containing the diluent buffer was administered. The(More)