Saiji Yoshii

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Smooth membrane fractions were prepared from the cytoplasmic extract of BHK-21 cells infected with Newcastle disease virus (NDV). These membranes exhibited high hemagglutinating, neuraminidase, and hemolytic activity but little infectivity, suggesting that they might be precursors for viral envelope. When such membranes were adsorbed to the monolayers of(More)
The significance of lymphadenectomy in surgery for various kinds of cancer has been widely debated, particularly in the gynecological field. The cell wall skeleton of Mycobacterium bovis Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG-CWS) has been used as an effective adjuvant for immunotherapy of a variety of cancer patients. Here we tested the immunological importance of(More)
Surface antigens of HeLaHVJ cells, a cell line persistently infected with HVJ, were studied by fluorescent antibody staining. After absorption with concentrated HVJ virions and HeLa cells, anti-HeLaHVJ antiserum was able to demonstrate specific surface fluorescence on HeLaHVJ cells, while this serum no longer reacted with original HeLa cells nor with HVJ(More)
Large plaque (G) and small plaque (8) variants were cloned from stock culture of Sindbis virus. Addition of protamine to agar overlay was shown to have little or no effect on the size of plaques produced by G variant, whereas S virus plaque size was significantly increased. This finding suggests that the S variant is more susceptible than the G variant to(More)
The s tudy of HVJ** has been hampered by the lack of a satisfactory plaque method, the most accurate in vitro assay method. Plaque formation by H V J in chick embryo fihroblasts or chick kidney ceils has previously been reported; however, these methods have not found general acceptance because of the low efficiency of plating (1, 2). l~ecentIy the use of(More)
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