Saihua Liu

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C. Thomassen classified Klein-bottle polyhexes into five classes [C. Thomassen, Tilings of the torus and the Klein bottle and vertex-transitive graphs on a fixed surface, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 323 (1991) 605–635]. In this paper, by implementing cutting and gluing operations, we reclassify the five classes of Klein-bottle polyhexes into two classes—the(More)
The contamination of agricultural areas by heavy metals has a negative influence on food quality and human health. Various remediation techniques have been developed for the removal and/or immobilization of heavy metals (HM) in contaminated soils. Phytoremediation is innovative technology, which has advantages (low cost, easy monitoring, high selectivity)(More)
In this paper, we are concerned with finite undirected graphs without loops or multiple edges. The distance between two vertices u and v of a graph G, denoted by dG(u, v) or d(u, v) for short, is the length of a shortest (u, v)-path in G. Let d(G) denote the maximum distance over all pairs of vertices of graph G, namely its diameter of G. If denote by d(G,(More)
Silicon has been found to enhance the plants' tolerance to heavy metal stress. In a field study, the effect of different types of Si-rich soil amendments (slag, ground slag, and diatomaceous earth) and fertilizers (activated slag, ground activated slag, and commercial Si fertilizer) on the distribution of soluble and insoluble forms of Cd in the rice plant(More)
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