Saifullizam Puteh

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In this paper we present an ambient intelligence system for modelling and control of power use within an office environment. We define a multi-scale model of the office worker, consisting of a coarse grained office user profile, together with a fine grained characteristics model to summarise their behaviours. Sensor data gathered from individual offices are(More)
Analysis of the office workers’ activities of daily working in an intelligent office environment can be used to optimize energy consumption and also office workers’ comfort. To achieve this end, it is essential to recognise office workers’ activities including short breaks, meetings and non-computer activities to allow an optimum control strategy to be(More)
In this paper, the simulation of the environmental conditions in university offices is addressed. Based on the real data collected from the environment, a flexible simulator is developed which accepts different office worker profiles including expected office occupancy and computer usage. The simulator generates sensory signals which represents different(More)
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