Saifullah Lone

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We demonstrate a direct capillary-driven method based on wetting and evaporation of various suspensions to fabricate regular two-dimensional wires in an open microfluidic channel through continuous deposition of micro- or nanoparticles under evaporative lithography, akin to the coffee-ring effect. The suspension is gently placed in a loading reservoir(More)
The photoresponsive phase separation of a poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-spironaphthoxazine methacryloyl-co-allyl-2-(2,6-bis((E)-4-(diphenylamino)styryl)-4H-pyran-4-ylidene)-2-cyanoacetate) random copolymer, i.e., poly(NIPAAm-co-SPO-co-fluorophore), in water-in-oil (W/O) droplets is described. The photoresponsive aqueous droplets were generated in the coflow(More)
We present a simple fabrication of photo- and thermoresponsive microparticles with a narrow size distribution in the PDMS-based microfluidic device. The monodisperse water-in-oil (W/O) droplets of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-spironaphthoxazine methacryloyl) (PNIPA-SPO) were formed at the T-junction channel of the device by adjusting the flow conditions of(More)
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