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This paper aims at providing a study on the effect of platform-based hardware/software co-design on the performance of RTOS-based systems. The followed co-design methodology is summarized, how RTOS design flow can fit into this methodology is proposed, and finally an RTOS-based system are co-designed with two configurations to illustrate the idea. The(More)
The rapid development in electronics industries is making the automobile industries smarter day by day. More number of electronics subsystems are being integrated in the modern automobile which increases the wiring among the overall system, cost and reduces the system reliability. To overcome this problem of complex wiring, cost, system reliability and data(More)
The paper proposes a new approach for testing a CAN bus at the bit-level. It depends on generation of bus errors to cover crucial corner cases. The design makes it possible to go beyond regular frame level testing that is provided by many commercial tools. It goes deep in bit-stream level testing and injection. The proposed design is verified using an FPGA(More)
Reconfigurable computing has become an essential part of research in the domain of modern computing paradigms. Reconfigurable computing approach integrates both, the performance and flexibility gaining aspects on a single computing system. The computational performance of such kind of systems is crucially dependant on the configuration overheads caused by(More)
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