Saifuliah Sheikh

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We present a rare case of unilateral anterior jugular venous phlebectasia in an 82-year-old female patient presenting as a soft cystic lump in the anterior aspect of the neck increasing in size during straining and valsalva manoeuvre. Although cases of internal and external jugular phlebectasia have been reported, as far as we are aware no case of anterior(More)
BACKGROUND Craniosynostosis is the premature fusion of cranial vault sutures. The overall incidence is 3-5/10,000 live births. With multiple craniosynostoses, brain growth may be impeded by the unyielding skull. Most cases of single suture involvement can be treated with linear excision of suture. Involvement of multiple sutures or skull has usually(More)
A case is described of a foreign body (a metallic paper clip) in the hypopharynx of an 18 month old child presenting with recurrent respiratory tract infections. The child was treated with antibiotics at two accident and emergency departments without any benefit. A high degree of suspicion is necessary in young children, as a history of ingestion of a(More)
BACKGROUND Chondrodermatitis nodularis chronica helicis is a common benign condition of the pinna. It presents as a painful, well demarcated nodule on the pinna that may be associated with surrounding erythema or an overlying crust. METHODS This paper describes techniques for the excision of chondrodermatitis nodularis chronica helicis on both the helix(More)
BACKGROUND Various techniques are used to maintain retraction of the skin flap during open-approach rhinoplasty. OBJECTIVE This report aims to present the use of maxillofacial retractors in open-approach rhinoplasty, a previously undescribed technique. CONCLUSION Use of these retractors provides excellent exposure of the lower lateral cartilages for(More)
BACKGROUND Dengue Fever is caused by arthropod born viruses. According to World Health Organization approximately 50-100 million infections of dengue fever occur yearly. Objective of this study was to determine the frequency of splenomegaly in dengue fever in children. METHODS This cross sectional study was conducted at the Department of Paediatrics,(More)
Caudal septal deformities if uncorrected can lead to poor functional and cosmetic outcomes. Adequate fixation of the septum to the maxillary spine is paramount in correcting these deformities. We describe a simple technique for securing the caudal septum to the maxillary spine that stabilises it in all three planes.
OBJECTIVE We present a previously unreported technique which we have found useful for closure of the donor site created by a paramedian forehead flap, during nasal reconstruction. CASE REPORT An 80-year-old woman was referred to the ENT department for management of a large tumour involving the left nasal dorsum. The lesion measured 2.5 x 2.5 cm, and an(More)
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