Saiful R. Mondal

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We aim to introduce a k-Struve function and investigate its various properties, including mainly certain inequalities associated with this function. One of the inequalities given here is pointed out to be related to the so-called classical Turán-type inequality. We also present a differential equation, several recurrence relations, and integral(More)
We are interested in finding the sufficient conditions on A , B , λ , b and c which ensure that the generalized Bessel functions uλ := uλ ,b,c satisfies the subordination uλ (z) ≺ (1+Az)/(1+Bz) . Also, conditions for which uλ (z) to be Janowski convex, and zuλ (z) to be Janowski starlike in the unit disk D = {z ∈ C : |z| < 1} are obtained. Mathematics(More)
We study the log-convexity of the extended beta functions. As a consequence, we establish Turán-type inequalities. The monotonicity, log-convexity, log-concavity of extended hypergeometric functions are deduced by using the inequalities on extended beta functions. The particular cases of those results also give the Turán-type inequalities for extended(More)
and Applied Analysis 3 Theorem 1.3 see 12 . Let c2k c2k 1 μ k/k!, μ ∈ 0, 1 . For any positive integer n and 0 < θ < π , then i ∑n k 0 ck cos kθ > 0 if and only if 0 < μ ≤ μ0, ii ∑2n 1 k 1 ck sin kθ > 0 if and only if 0 < μ ≤ μ0, iii ∑2n k 1 ck sin kθ > 0 if 0 < μ ≤ 1/2. Here μ0 0.691556 · · · is the unique root in 0, 1 of ∫3π/2 0 cos t t1−μ dt 0. 1.6 2.(More)
Experiment was carried out in the mushroom cultivation laboratory, Horticulture Center, Khairtala, Jessore to evaluate the better performance of oyster mushroom Pleurotus florida in different substrate compositions as well as to find out the better substrate for mushroom cultivation. Highest mycelium running rate was found in banana leaves and rice straw(More)
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