Saifudin Saleh

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Mortality data ascertained from sources other than a death registration system can validate the accuracy of the system, but this information is rarely obtained. Data on 1979 deaths among reproductive age women were collected in the 1981-1983 Reproductive Age Mortality Survey (RAMOS) in the governorate of Menoufia, Egypt, and compared with data on these(More)
Among women of reproductive age in Menoufia, Egypt, deaths from burns constitute a major public health problem. Burns account for 9 per cent of the deaths occurring to women aged 15-49, and were the third cause of death (after disease of the circulatory system and complications of pregnancy and childbirth). Nearly two-thirds of the burns were caused by(More)
Reproductive mortality includes mortality attributable to pregnancy, termination of pregnancy, childbirth and its sequelae, and contraception. Reproductive mortality has been estimated for the United Kingdom, the United States, and for states of the US. However, it has not previously been measured for developing countries, where maternal mortality often(More)
This article presents results from a population-based study of the magnitude and causes of maternal mortality in the Giza governorate of Egypt in 1985-86. Deaths to women in the reproductive ages were identified through the death registration system. Family members of the deceased were interviewed using the "verbal autopsy" approach. Immediate and(More)
Twenty-three percent of deaths to women of reproductive age (15-49 years) in Bali, Indonesia and Menoufia, Egypt were due to maternal causes. Among the younger women, the percentage was even higher. In both areas complications of pregnancy and childbirth were a leading cause of death (the first cause in Bali, the second in Menoufia). In both sites,(More)
A survey of all registered deaths which occurred during 1981-1983 in women of reproductive age was carried out in Menoufia Governorate, Egypt. Surviving family members were interviewed by trained social workers, and information was collected on symptoms of the disease that led to death. The completed questionnaires were reviewed by a panel of local(More)
Landslide is one of the common hazards occurring globally and Malaysia is not spared as well. Over the past four decades, Malaysia has played host to a number of landslide incidents, resulting in significant loss of lives and damage to property. The magnitude of landslide destruction is quite high in Malaysia. A survey has been carried out on 143(More)
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