Saif Ahmed

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Evolutionary algorithms often suffer from premature convergence when dealing with complex multi-modal function optimization problems as the fitness landscape may contain numerous local optima. To avoid premature convergence, sufficient amount of genetic diversity within the evolving population needs to be preserved. In this paper we investigate the impact(More)
With the increasing demand on knowledge sharing and problem solving, there is a growing participation on online Question & Answer (Q&A) forums in the recent past. We classify the online community participation on Stack Exchange into two different genres, one is technical and another is non-technical. Though several studies have measured community(More)
Background The objective of this study is to induce experimental diabetes mellitus by Streptozotocin in normal adult Wistar rats via comparison of changes in body weight, consumption of food and water and levels of glucose between normal and diabetic rats. Materials and Methods Intraperitonial injection of 40mg/kg dose of Streptozotocin in adult wistar(More)
In order to achieve a satisfactory optimization performance by evolutionary programming (EP), it is necessary to ensure proper balance between exploration and exploitation. It is obvious that one single mutation operator is not the answer. Moreover, early loss of genetic diversity causes premature trapping around locally optimal points of the fitness(More)
Using Social Network Sites (SNS) as an information source has drawn the attention of the researchers for a while now. There have been many works that analyzed the types and topics of questions people ask in these networks and why. Topics like what motivate people to answer such queries, how to integrate the traditional search engines and SNS together are(More)
Objective: To observe the outcome of Close Lateral Internal Anal Sphincterotomy with minimally invasive Von Greaves (cataract) knife in terms of symptomatic relief, continence and complications. Methodology: Patients with chronic anal fissure were included in the study after taking informed consent. Patients with concomitant other ano-rectal pathologies(More)
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