Saied Moezzi

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systems use digital models to provide interactive viewing. We present a 3D digital video system that attempts to provide the same capabilities for actual performances such as dancing. Recreating the original dynamic scene in 3D, the system allows photorealistic interactive playback from arbitrary viewpoints using video streams of a given scene from multiple(More)
Medical imaging is shifting from film to electronic images. The STARE (structured analysis of the retina) system is a sophisticated image management system that will automatically diagnose images, compare images, measure key features in images, annotate image contents, and search for images similar in content. We concentrate on automated diagnosis. The(More)
Crucial to the t ransformat ion of computers into intel l igent mul t imed ia systems is the abi l i ty to access, manipulate and manage visual informat ion . In part icular , video data is becoming a prevalent source of such in format ion. Our Multiple Perspective Interactive Video (MPIVideo), project integrates a variety of visual comput ing operations w(More)
Video provides a comprehensive visual record of environment activity over time. Thus, video data is an attractive source of information for the creation of virtual worlds which require some real-world fidelity. This paper describes the use of multiple streams of video data for the creation of immersive virtual environments. We outline our multiple(More)