Saied Goodarzi

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The seeds of Securigera securidaca (Fabaceae) were used for treatment of diabetes in folk medicine of Iran. In this study the cytotoxicity of different fractions of seeds extract led to purification of potent cytotoxic flavonoids. In the examination of cytotoxicity with brine shrimp lethality test method petroleum ether and chloroform fractions and(More)
There are many efforts for identification of natural compounds from dietary or medicinal plants. Young roots and aerial parts of A. persicus have been used as food additive or salad vegetable in some parts of Iran. In this study, different fractions of the root extract of A. persicus were subjected for isolation and purification of secondary metabolites.(More)
BACKGROUND Vulvovaginal candidiasis is known as one of the most common fungal infection among women of reproductive age and considered as an important public health problem. In recent years, due to resistance to common antifungal medication, the use of traditional medicine of anti-fungal and herbal treatment increased. Therefore the objective of this study(More)
Seeds of Securigera securidaca (Fabaceae) are used in Iranian folk medicine as an antidiabetic treatment. In this study, the antihyperglycemic activity of chloroform and methanol fractions (CF and MF) from S. securidaca seed extract was investigated and their bioactive constituents were identified. The antidiabetic effects of fractions were assessed by(More)
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