Saied Ghadimi

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Phosphoramido acid esters (CH(3))(2)NP(O)X(p-OC(6)H(4)-CH(3)) (containing P-Cl (1), P-O (2), P-F (3), P-CN (5), and P-N (4,6) bonds, X for 2, 4 and 6 is OCH(3), (C(2)H(5))(2)N and morpholin) have been synthesized to investigate the structure-activity study of AChE enzyme inhibition, through the parameters logP, delta(31)P and IC(50). After their(More)
The title compound, C(18)H(26)N(2)O(5)P(2), was obtained accidently from the reaction between N,N-dimethyl-phospho-ramido-chloridic acid 4-methyl phenyl ester, NaNO(2) and 18-crown-6 in acetonitrile under reflux conditions. The asymmetric unit contains one half-mol-ecule, the complete mol-ecule being generated by crystallographic twofold symmetry, with the(More)
Twelve new compounds of acephate (Ace) analogues were synthesized and characterized by (31)P, (13)C, and (1)H NMR and IR spectroscopy. The probable insecticide potential of these compounds as well as 23 previously prepared molecules with a general skeleton of RC(O)-NH-P(O)X1X2 was predicted by PASS software. Docking analysis showed that hydrophobic(More)
The anti-AChE activity of phosphoramidates has been noticed for many years. Because of the wide application of phosphoramidates in recent years, there has been a continuing research for synthesis, purification and identification of effective and safe derivatives. In this study some rodenticides with the general formula Me(2)NP(O)(p-OC(6)H(4)-X)(2), where X(More)
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