Saidi Hassan

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Primary breast sarcoma is a rare entity occurring in 0.5% of women with breast malignancy. Like in breast carcinoma, delay in its diagnosis has important clinical and treatment implications. The subject of this report presented at our breast unit with advanced breast lesion months after she noticed a small lump in her right breast. She had no clear(More)
BACKGROUND Kenya has a soaring rate of road traffic fatalities. Available evidence suggests significant alcohol-relatedness to trauma. We know little about the prevalence of alcohol-related injuries in Nairobi. OBJECTIVE To determine the extent and pattern of alcohol use in subjects admitted following road traffic accident. DESIGN A descriptive hospital(More)
BACICGROUND: Late allograft loss remains a key area of concern. This study was aimed at determining the patient and renal allograft outcome and identifying the factors responsible for survival following transplantation with a living-related donor kidney at the Nairobi Hospital, Kenya. METHODS: Follow-up data for living-related donor graft recipients between(More)
BACKGROUND Appendicitis still remains a diagnostic challenge particularly in women and extremes of age. The incidence of appendicectomy for suspected appendicitis is higher but declining in the developed countries in contrast with a low but increasing incidence in Africa. OBJECTIVE To describe the characteristics of appendicitis at Kenyatta National(More)
In recent years, several reports have underlined the possible existence of chronic appendicitis. Up to 38% of spontaneously resolving acute appendicitis may recur. We studied 41 patients operated on between July 2000 and June 2001 for chronic and recurrent appendicitis at a teaching hospital in the city of Nairobi. The patients comprised 17.8% of all(More)
BACKGROUND The Ectonucleotide Pyrophosphatase Phosphodiesterasel (ENPP1) polymorphisms have been associated with metabolic traits. There is no data on the effect of ENPP1 in South African children or adults. OBJECTIVE To investigate the role of K121Q (rs1044498), rs997509 and rs9402349 in obesity and other components of the metabolic syndrome. DESIGN A(More)
The decision to order head CT scans to rule out clinically significant traumatic brain injury in mild head injury in children is made on the basis of clinical decision rules of which the Paediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network (PECARN) CT head rules have been found to be most sensitive. The purpose of this study is to determine the proportion of(More)
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