Saida Ziane

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SNR investigation of beam forming in IS=95 CDMA base station receiver p. 45 Advanced mobility models for ad hoc network simulations p. 50 Modeling of fault-tolerant mobile agents execution in distributed systems p. 56 Distributed mobility control for fault-tolerant mobile networks p. 61 Performance of secure ad hoc sensor networks utilizing IEEE802.11b WEP(More)
In the last few years, the advance of multimedia applications has prompted researchers to undertake the task of routing multimedia data through Manet. This task is rather difficult due to the highly dynamic topology of mobile ad hoc networks and their limited bandwidth. Actually, different routing algorithms are proposed in order to route various kinds of(More)
The goals of QoS routing are in general twofold: selecting routes with satisfied QoS requirement, and achieving global efficiency in resource utilization. The prediction of these goals in real time is quite difficult, making the effectiveness of "traditional" protocols based on analytical models questionable. In this paper we first discuss some key design(More)
  • Saida Ziane
  • 2008 3rd International Symposium on Wireless…
  • 2008
Real time and multimedia applications are widely deployed on mobile ad hoc networks in the last few years. Such applications have, often, hard requirements in terms of QoS metrics. We are interested in this paper to end-to-end delay required by some applications. We propose a new adaptive routing approach called based on reinforcement learning. Our approach(More)
In the few last years, there is an increasing need of QoS guarantees for multimedia and real time applications in mobile ad hoc networks. While several QoS routing protocols were proposed, adaptive routing has not be enough exploited. We propose in this paper a new delay oriented adaptive routing protocol for mobile ad hoc networks. We integrate a mean(More)
In the context of modern high-speed communication networks, decision reactivity is often complicated by the notion of guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS), which can either be related to time, packet loss or bandwidth requirements: constraints related to various types of QoS make some algorithms not acceptable. Due to emerging real-time and multimedia(More)
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