Saida Elyengui

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This research work denotes a novel evaluation of LOADng the routing protocol for Wireless Sensor Network. The LOADng protocol implementation is a part of ITU-T G.9903 recommendation based on the framework of the LLN On-demand Ad hoc Distance-vector Routing Protocol Next Generation (LOADng) proposed by IETF specified by the IETF Internet-Draft(More)
Volume 2, Issue 6 November – December 2013 Page 107 Abstract: The current electrical grid is perhaps the greatest engineering achievement of the 20th century. However, it is increasingly outdated and overburdened, leading to costly blackouts and burnouts. For this and various other reasons, transformation efforts are underway to make the current electrical(More)
With the introduction of the smart grid, Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) has become a main component in the present power system. The effective implementation of AMI depends widely on its communication infrastructure and protocols providing trustworthy two-way communications. In this paper we study two routing protocols philosophies for low power and(More)
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