Said Talbi

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Vascular endothelial cells maintain the interface between the systemic circulation and soft tissues and mediate critical processes such as inflammation in a vascular bed-selective fashion. To expand our understanding of the genetic pathways that underlie these specific functions, we have focused on the identification of novel genes that are differentially(More)
Clustering is considered as solution for more energy conservation during communications in wireless sensor networks. Recently, a new clustering algorithm named Unequal Clustering Algorithm (UCA) is proposed to avoid the burdened cluster-heads located around the sink due to the traffic coming from others which are far to the base station. This paper presents(More)
INTRODUCTION The biochemical state of a growing cell culture is a dynamic response of the organism's genetic instructions (genome sequence) regulating and expressing molecular (metabolic) products to control its structural and compositional state (epigenesis). Advances in microarray technology have now made it possible to capture a detailed profile of(More)
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